Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

If you want to use prepaid cell phone service, there is a prepaid cell phone plan out there for you. There are plans which allow you to pay for only the airtime you use, and there are plans with unlimited airtime for a fixed monthly rate.

Which Prepaid Cell Phone Plan Should You Choose?

If you want to use prepaid cell phone service, there is a prepaid cell phone plan out there for you. There are plans which allow you to pay for only the airtime you use, and there are plans with unlimited airtime for a fixed monthly rate.

There are also plans for which you can pay a daily and/or minute access fee only for the days you use the phone. Three of the main benefits of a prepaid cell phone plan are no contracts, no credit checks (in all instances we have researched) and predictable monthly costs.

If at any time you do not have the need for cellular service, you can end it. You can end it for short or long periods of time, and even reactivate the same phone later. You may not be able to keep the same phone number if you deactivate your prepaid service.

If you plan to use a cell phone only in case of emergencies, we hope you never use your cell phone. If this is your plan for using prepaid service, check for expiration dates on the dollar amounts you load onto your phone.

Typically, the smaller the amount paid the quicker it expires so if you do not use it so you will lose the money paid. If you purchase an average $50.00 - $75.00, that can last you a few months, and you may find you like to be able to be connected when you are out and about.

If you have a cell phone that is not connected to any cell provider with a phone number, you can still call 911 as long as it is powered on and manufactured after 2003. Keep an old cell phone charged and in your glove box for this purpose even if you have an active cell phone.

The youth of today do begin to need cell phones on occasion when around 12 years old. Prepaid is a good way for them to learn the responsibilities of having a cell phone. We have talked with parents who are relieved knowing their tween has the security of a phone when out with friends.

Parents can contact children and vice versa for those times when the kids start going off to school functions, shopping or movies without their parents. Consider prepaid services for this situation before entering into a long-term contract when they use the phone on a more regular basis.

Prepaid Cell Phone Deals Do Exist

Choosing the best cell phone plans requires much thought before you actually make the purchase and there are many prepaid cell phone deals. Along with checking the volume controls, setting options, features and overall feel of the device in your hand, your cell phone has a lot to do with your personality and way of life too.

Many people want a phone with a slick design or color trend and in many instances, there are great deals on the newest phones. The main consideration, however, is a need. What do you need your cell phone to do?

If you purchase too much cell phone you will end up paying more than necessary and not get the best deal. You will be the one carrying and using the cell phone so you want to be satisfied with it. You want to find the best blend of design, features, and performance in a cell phone.

Once you have reviewed available prepaid cell phone deals and have chosen the provider of your service you will want to determine the best way to obtain the equipment. There are many ways to activate a cell phone. The best offers for a brand new cell phone are often online at the service providers' direct websites.

Watch for free shipping, Buy One Get One Free and free accessory offers. There are easy instructions to activate the device once you receive it so you do not even have to visit a retail location if you prefer not to do so.

Purchasing used phones from friends or family members is almost always the best of any prepaid cell phone deals. Make sure it is compatible with your plan. There are many websites which sell refurbished or used devices, and you can often find great deals using this route.

Online auction sites such as e-bay or Amazon are also great resources and you can get prepaid cell phone deals in many cases. No matter which shopping method you use, may we say Buyer Beware. Make sure you know the return policy, review seller feedback and ensure the phone will work with your provider. In most cases, you will have a good buying experience from an online auction.

The cell phone industry is so massive and competitive that you may be overwhelmed with offers you see tempting you with prepaid cell phone deals. Television commercials, online offers, direct mail or newspaper ads all offer great deals, but you want to make certain you get the best deal.

Review all of the information you have collected. Continue researching online for posts or comments from other people who have found deals. Many of the major providers now offer tools such as user reviews on their websites and offer live online chat with representatives who can answer your questions in real time.

The deals are always changing so keep a close eye on availability dates. If you miss any opportunity to act on prepaid cell phone deals, there will always be another one that comes along.

Cheapest Cell Phone Service - How To Pick What Is Right For You

The cheapest cell phone service for your calling needs can be different from person to person. There are two types of cell phone users. Those who use them as their main form of staying connected and those who use them for only necessary phone calls.

To determine which type of service is for you it is important that you define which type of cell phone user you are. An advertised low rate does not mean your monthly costs will be cheap if you use your phone differently than the prepaid plan allows.

If you choose a plan which charges you around a $1.00 per day only when you use your phone and you use your phone 30 days of the month, it will cost $30.00 for the access plus a per minute rate with most plans which may not be the cheapest.

A prepaid service for you may be one which includes unlimited talk time for $35.00 a month to keep costs low. To a person who uses the phone less frequently, a dollar a day for access is a more reasonable option.

Make sure your phone works where you need it to work. If you have the cheapest cell phone plan and it does not work where you need it to work you are not really getting a bargain.

Many of the daily access fee prepaid services offer unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited cell phone to cell phone calling between those using the same provider so there would be no additional per minute charges for these calls.

This first option works very well for people who have a need to use their phones more often and once the daily access rate is charged, there would be no limit on the minutes used between others on that mobile network or during non-peak times. There are also prepaid phone services charged by the minute and there is not a daily access fee. The second option is ideal for people who use their cell phones on an infrequent basis.

There are other factors that can make prepaid the cheapest cell phone service such as no credit check, no contract, and no security deposit. Individuals are also now being savvier with their money in today's economy and paying for services you need rather than paying for a service regardless of use makes sense for a large number of cell phone users.

Unlike the prepaid services of the past which offered the ability to make and receive calls and virtually no other services, today features such as voice mail, text and picture messaging, international services, web, navigation systems and more are available. These services like per minute rates and daily access fees bill you for only what you use instead of a subscription rate on a bill charged monthly whether you use them or not. These options allow people to keep costs low.

Once you have done the research and get an estimate of what your costs will be based on your usage patterns you may find prepaid is not the cheapest cell phone service for you. If this is the case, you may be a candidate for a postpaid or contract account which allows a specific number of minutes per month for a fixed rate. Postpaid plans can be managed easily, and if you find the right plan it will be the cheapest option for your calling needs.

Cheap Prepaid Cell Phones - Tips To Finding The Right Phone

Here we will provide you with details on equipment to select a cell phone to best fit your needs. Just like a car, you are going to have your cell phone for awhile so be sure to choose one with which you will be satisfied. There are many types, styles, colors, and features of cell phones. Many of the additional services such as text messaging are now available on many prepaid cell phone services. Since cell phones are many times used in public places, a lot of people see your cell phone. Why not make a statement with your cell phone? One main benefit of prepaid cellular services is there is not an expensive Early Termination Fee if you need to change providers or no longer use your service due to employment or lifestyle change.

If you have always wanted a pink cell phone, you may be surprised that there are cheap prepaid cell phones available for you to choose from. You will be able to find cheap prepaid cell phones as little as $14.99 for a basic nonflip cell phone and if you are in need of a more advanced device, we have found a variety of phones in the range of $29.99 - $79.99 as well. If you are into the latest technology and willing to pay a bit more for a cell phone. There are others available to you at slightly higher prices. Questions you may want to ask yourself before picking the right device for you are: Will I be texting? If so you may want a full keyboard phone. Is there a chance I will butt dial if I carry the phone in a pocket? In this case, you will want to consider a flip (clamshell) phone. We will describe the differences in the types of phones for you to help you with your choice and still get a cheap prepaid cell phone.

Clamshell/Flip Style Cell Phone

A favorite among cheap prepaid cell phone users is the clamshell or flip phone which has become very popular. This style phone is appealing to teenagers and adults on the go. The phones are typically smaller in size when closed. They fit nicely in a pocket or bag and when closed does not dial randomly because the keys are protected by the top portion of the phone case. Many flip phones have a camera which can be used to take pictures to share with friends and family, and it is free if you do not send them. Check with your provider for details and pricing for sending and receiving pictures.

Most clamshell style phones are very lightweight and compact in size. Typically this style phone ranges between 3.0-3.75 ounces and is about the height and depth of a deck of standard size playing cards with the width just about one index finger smaller than the deck. The actual measurements vary from 3.5"-3.9" (H) x 1.84"-1.9" (W) x .68"-.76" (D).

Bar Style (Basic) Cell Phone

There are many cheap prepaid cell phones that resemble those of earlier times, and they do not flip open and closed. The design of the newer bar style phones are much more sleek, slim and sophisticated than the earlier models which in many cases were quite large. If convenience is a factor and you do not want to have to open your phone before you can answer it, perhaps a bar style phone is for you. The phones we have reviewed all have a method of locking to guard the keys so you can store in a bag or pocket without making unwanted phone calls if it shifts while not in use.

The lighter weight trends of today's electronics are not ignored in the bar style phones with an average weight of 3.00 ounces. The phones sizes are typically between 3.53"-4.1" (H) x 1.69"-1.87" (W) and .38"-.71" (D) - this is about the same size as a flip style phone when opened.

Full QWERTY Keyboard Style Cell Phone

One of the latest innovations in cell phones is the ability to message without having to translate it from the standard 10 button phone keypad into words. The keyboards allow for simplicity in composing messages as the keyboard mirrors that of a computer. QWERTY is the first 6 keys on the top letter row of the computer, hence the name. There are different variations of the full QWERTY keyboard. Some slide open while others come in a bar style look but flip open from the side to create the full keyboard effect and are easy to use.

The overall dimensions of a typical full keyboard cell phone are 4.00" (H) x 2.13" (W) x .065" (D), and they weigh in a bit higher than the bar and flip style phones at an average of 4.23 ounces.

Although different providers offer different phones, you can find what you are looking for in a phone with a little thought and research. The QWERTY keyboard phones may not be offered as often as part of signing up for service, but you can activate a used cell phone that you may purchase on e-bay or from another source. If you find a cheap prepaid cell phone that you want to activate with your prepaid provider you will want to check first to make certain it is compatible with that company's network. Make sure the phone you choose is easy for you to use and has any additional features you may need such as a headset or Bluetooth capability for use while driving.

3 Easy Steps to Choose the Best Prepaid Cell Phone

There are multiple prepaid cell phone deals available. We want to make sure you get the best prepaid cell phone deal for your needs. Before choosing a phone you want to do a little research to determine which service provider is going to work for you. In this article, we will give you some valuable information to help you make the decision on which service provider and cell phone are right for you. There are many companies who offer prepaid services, and the information available can be overwhelming. There are three main steps to complete the selection process.

First, you want to make certain the provider has good coverage in the areas you will be using the phone. When you need to use the phone you want it to work. The providers' websites are the best place to check for coverage because you can search by location. We encourage you to check the cities and states you travel, even if occasionally, because what good will you be without a phone driving to visit your hometown, stay at your timeshare or visit out of state friends? Providers disclose information related to the coverage areas on their websites as well. The maps do not guarantee coverage and may contain certain areas with no service or limited coverage. Many factors may impact your services such as weather, terrain, proximity to buildings, leaves on trees in wooded areas or your equipment.

If you live in a larger city and do not travel often, you may be able to go with a less expensive plan and be quite satisfied. However, if you travel or live in a rural area you may want to go with one of the major service providers who offer more reliable networks and more bars in more places. If you do travel outside of your local calling area, make sure you choose a national coverage plan with no roaming and/or long distance charges.

To find the best prepaid cell phone to fit your needs and personality follow our second step which is selecting a cell phone. Look around, everyone has a cell phone, and they all look different. Make your selection based on color, style, and features. We suggest the article on our site titled Cheap Prepaid Cell Phones to answer basic equipment questions. You can also visit the provider's website or one of their stores to shop for a phone. There are also websites with forums and user reviews from manufacturers and online communities if you do an Internet search on a specific phone model.

Once you have selected the service provider and get your prepaid cell phone activated, we recommend using it in as many places as possible and as often as possible in the first few weeks. The reason for this is because any reputable company will offer a trial period, and if you need to return or exchange the phone you can be refunded what you paid for it. Use this period to test your phone to make sure it works how you need it to work for you. The trial periods range from 14-30 days and require the equipment, original packaging, and receipt to process the return. You may or may not be billed for the services you used, always ask for details.

No matter which prepaid cell phone equipment and service you choose keep a few things in mind. Make sure to use some type of hands-free method to place and receive calls while driving. Try not to use your phone unless it is not absolutely necessary when you are driving, and never text while driving. While talking on your cell phone in public, be mindful of your surroundings. Respect others who may be reading a book at lunch or working on their laptop on the train. Make sure you do not distract others with your conversations.